17.15 uur: Media Me presentatie online!

Stem vandaag om 17.15 uur af op Media Me!

Update: foto gemaakt door Robert Lagendijk @ Hotspot (zie):

Foto credits: erkkap, simeon_barkas, fenchurch, 01-17-05_t-m-b, linlin, aviewfromhere, shannonkringen, aviewfromhere, 15271532@N00, raaphorst, montaramike, banana2000, banana2000, fotoas, hazymat, chaparral, kommerij, jaccodotorg, ms3ab8arya, kommerij, egusto, egusto, simeon_barkas, osde-info, osde-info, pthiers, 60058591@N00 en marfadome.

Door Marco Raaphorst

ik maak podcasts (montage, sound design, muziekcompositie, regie)

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  1. Wow! I’m home from work now, and just finished hearing it all. You and Bert did a great job. The soundtrack work you did is so nice–it adds to and never distracts from the spoken word. Well done!

  2. Thanks Robert!

    You part under the Keen speech fitted perfectly. More to come. I will email you when we have more concrete details.

    This was a presentation. A sort of kick off for Media Me. The reactions were very diverse. “What are we trying to say?”. “Why can’t you make it a REAL story, a REAL message?”. But the message is already there Bert and I felt. Give Lessig some music and the story gets heard. Your music under Keen made his black dark fear so obvious. Maybe this doesn’t tell a story people want to hear, but I love to blend Lessig and Keen in a more emotional abstract way. And the story, and the devil, is in the details.

    We had a discussion with a few people. In my opinion taking a few quotes out of the Keen speech with music is a new work of that speech. I think this is a remix. On the internet everthing can be hacked and remixed. I love that. The world is our world and we should create, reflect and recycle.

    Us, not just for a few large media companies(Brewster Cale of archive.org).

    More to come Robert! Thanks for your warm attention. That means a lot to me and Bert! There’s this connection. And we are all creators.

  3. Fraai hoe de muziek de beelden tot verhalen weet te versmelten. Ik vind het erg jammer dat ik er niet bij heb kunnen zijn.
    Aan de foto’s op de diverse Flickr-blogs te zien heb ik een mega afvaardiging gemist.

  4. Fraai hoe de beelden weer bij bepaalde stukken geluid sammenkomen en soms er vanaf dreven
    maar de dag en presentatie waren weer toppie

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