Video remix van KlankBeeld Raaphorst xTV

Mijn laatste KlankBeeld Raaphorst is een kleine voorbode voor de volgende Media Me presentatie volgende maand op 9 april in Beamlab. Maurtis Burgers was een van de geïnterviewden. Hij raakte geïnspireerd en maakte deze video-remix:



Door Marco Raaphorst

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  1. Thanks Gurdonark, & Fabio. I guess I really did get inspired by Marco’s wonderful soundscape (klankbeeld) and the voices of Haags Bakkie Flickr friends.

  2. Wonderfull and cool!
    I like the maps (!), the movements, the streets and animations. The question comes in a bit to late maybe, for now it looks like the translation of Marielle’s sentence. Were is Maurits is a great title! Start with it.
    (Yes: translations…)
    For the images: the presence of just one person makes you wonder how he is related to the voices. (Is he the men talking? And is he looking for one of the women?)
    I was wondering: Could you put the pictures from the media me pool in the mix aswell? We’re looking for a way to make the slide show of the MMpicture less static. But it shouldn’t become a TMF clip. Or….

  3. Good suggestions Bert. I liked the bewilderment the voices create but see your point. I’d like to find a tool to facilitate download and usage of pictures from a flickr pool. Does anybody know if such a tool exists?
    The maps are made with (an old version of) .
    Check out their services at:

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