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Muziek via de browser: Hobnox Audiotool

Hobnox AudiotoolAl eerder schreef ik over muziek-applicaties die op een browser draaien. Zo hebben we daar Splicemusic en Lilly. En ook de Hobnox Audiotool, zo heb ik vandaag ontdekt. Waanzinnig slim gemaakt en het klinkt ook nog eens erg goed.

Daar ga je van dagdromen. Dat ik daar zit in Parijs, met mijn laptop. Ik open een browser en laad het project in waar ik gisteren aan begonnen was. Ik zie dat een Braziliaanse percussionist een paar partijen aan het project het toegevoegd. Ook zie ik dat ik de beta-versie van de Abbey Road Fairchild Model-660 tube compressor/limiter plugin kan gebruiken. En ineens verschijnt Tchad Blake op de chat. Hij heeft zin om mij te helpen bij de mix.


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  1. Hi Marco, thanks a lot for the nice words about the Audiotool. And great to read that you nailed the idea. This is exactly where we plan to go. Groetjes van een belgische expat.

  2. zo dit is wel vet hoor. rebirth tijden herleven :) tot half vier snachts zitten pielen aan de knopjes met 1 pattern verslavend.. zit wel een harde glitch in om de naja 3 minuten ofzo. is dit mp3? klinkt heel prettig in de oren en niet flashy.

    props to the makers, i like it.


  3. just curious: are you independent programmers or are you part of a bigger organisation, and if so: does this mean there will be a certain point in the future where users are expected to contribute for usage and will their songs be CC or owned by the company. this might also be the case with an independent group of course. i think this can easily become a serious product on the market of prosumer audio..
    lots of potential

  4. @arnoud: thanks for your comment. we’re verifying the potential of functionalities throughout the site that could become premium features (e.g. more concurrent users and better stream quality for the livetool, increased export quality for the audiotool, detailed stats in the community, etc.). we will tie this process together with the community in the coming months and will try to find a good balance between a free/paid product.
    as for the licenses we already work with a choice of licences (cc, from public domain to all rights reserved) in the user and hobnox library.
    we’re an independent start-up based in germany and the us and are not tied to any bigger company.

  5. thanks arnoud, i added marco to my blogroll. this will also help bring back some dutch to my vocabulary. it has lacked since i moved from belgium (german speaking part/flamish mother) to germany hahaha.

  6. Hi there Marco & rest of the gang. Just wanted to give you the heads up on an update of the Audiotool we just rolled out: As promised the TR808 is now online, along with two new stompboxes (Compressor and Bitcrusher) and some enhanced functions. Saving is still not possible yet, we’re working hard to make it happen for the next update.
    More infos here: