Verplicht leesvoer: Why Should Rock Stars Expect To Be Rich?

In the 1970s, Elton, Led Zep and the Stones set the standard of rock star ostentation that is now of use only to filmmakers and potboiler novelists. Today’s famous musicians work harder and are paid less, and in the future it’ll only get worse. A rock star used to be a demigod who bathed in money each morning. In the future, they’ll look with envy on Java programmers or hedge fund managers.



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  1. gurdonark avatar

    Why should anyone expect to be rich?

  2. @gurdonark: indeed, no more stars, just normal people. bye, bye elton john!

  3. Je hebt toch afwijkingen nodig om te bepalen wat normaal is? Net zoals je arme mensen nodig hebt om te kunnen zeggen dat iemand rijk is. Ik wil best een rijke rockster zijn maar liever niet beroemd. Maar ja, dat gaat niet. En normaal wil ik al helemaal niet zijn.

  4. But how am I ever going to finance those extravagant glasses I want to wear on stage?

    Now I’ll never be able to wear the 10.000 dollar glitter suit to go with those… DANGIT!

  5. “Seth Godin sees a future where the record labels become “tribe management”. They’ll look after the fans, offering them special products, facilitating communities and spotting synergies. Instead of sending me spam about some new band, they’ll send me a free track and invite me to an exclusive and very expensive gig.”

    Godin, Raaphorst, Dubber en Tom Whithwell: HELDEN!!! :)

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