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Door Marco Raaphorst

ik maak podcasts en muziek

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  1. Wederom een schoonheid. Met name hoe je heel subtiel die strijkers er in gestopt hebt. Als ik mijn ogen sluit dan hoor ik er nog een sitar bij. Mooi!

  2. We are always drinking from the same source Marco..the great Free Source well. Better than whiskey (ok almost better) Someday the rest of the Whirl might even catch up. Then they won’t have to BUY their way out of the blues.

    And you are right again..what else do you need?

    I want to find a percussionist who uses these “things” live…junk, trash.. the thrown away parts of this kulture..and can hit them in certain fahnk patterns.. I even transcribed some James Brown Catfish Collins riddim GUITAR parts to junk percussion lines..and that was pretty cool. But when I tell people here what I want to do, I get that “huh?, wha??” look..especially from percussionists. But you know, people like Aierto were doing this with Miles in 1969.

  3. @John: I understand. Lots of those streetdrummers (bucketdrummers) are on YouTube. Like that a lot too. Like the footkick on wood also. That old blues thing. One the one. Using your foot.

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