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Complimenten uit Amerika

Mijn podcast VERVORMER wordt genoemd op het Amerikaanse blog Post-Punk Monk. Dit nav het album The Record Man dat deze week uitkwam en waarop ik als gitarist te horen ben. Zie ook mijn vorige blogpost daarover.

Toch opvallend aangezien mijn podcast in het Nederlands is. Dat het ondanks dat Amerika weet te bereiken vind ik ronduit te gek!

MAM guitarist Marco Raaphorst played on the album and has written an article about it here. There has been a single released from “The Record Man” with “Human Heart” by Hans Croon, who has written a fascinating blog on how he came to this project, here. And finally, there is a podcast about this album… but you will need to be fluent in Dutch to understand it. Which is probably exactly how Ron would have wanted it. It hurts me that Ron could not live to see this fascinating work his friends have done in his memory, but that’s part of the territory of tribute albums, I suppose. As an arch record collector [I’m just a wet-nosed punk, by comparison], I can say that he certainly would have been eating this up with a spoon were he among the living right now.

Lees het hele stuk op het blog Post-Punk Monk.

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