My name is Marco Raaphorst and I live in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Melodiefabriek.com is my world-renowned company for my work as a Audio Composer, Patch Designer, Documentary Maker, Community Manager which I started April 2003. I compose music for the big broadcasters in the Netherlands (VPRO, NTR, RVU, KRO and more) and online video/film and audio/radio makers worldwide. I design sounds & samples and special FX for films, documentaries and mobile devices (Android and iOS apps).

I am an expert user of the music software program Propellerhead Reason. Reason ships with hundreds of my patches and samples which are used by many artists and producers around the globe. I am also a VIP tester for the company.

As an audio/radio documentary maker I do the whole production including scriptwriting, voice recording and editing.

I am also a performing artist, a guitar player, playing in the larger clubs of the Netherlands for example the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam. Sometimes I perform on Dutch radio and television.

My work as a sound artist & composer is shown in musea worldwide.

Here at marcoraaphorst.nl I share my more personal stories and work in my native language, Dutch.

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