OK Computer en de Bitches Brew connectie

Citaat uit interview op Yahoo Music 02/05/1999 door Dave DiMartino met Thom Yorke over OK Computer:

We weren’t really listening to any bands at all — it was all like Miles Davis and Ennio Morricone and composers like Penderaki, which is sort of atmospheric, atonal weird stuff. We weren’t listening to any pop music at all, but not because we hated pop music–because what we were doing was pop music–we just didn’t want to be reminded of the fact. Bitches’ Brew by Miles Davis was the starting point of how things should sound; it’s got this incredibly dense and terrifying sound to it. That’s what I was trying to get–that sound–that was the sound in my head. The only other place I’d heard it was on a Morricone record. I’d never heard it in pop music. I didn’t hear it there. It wasn’t there.